The 20 Best Marriage Devotionals for Christian Couples

Marriage is hard. Two different personalities, two different mindsets on finances, two families merging. It can be tough to navigate. The nationwide divorce rate is dropping with only 14.9 marriages out of 1,000 ending in divorce. But let’s be honest, it takes hard work and dedication to make a marriage work. How do you keep the love alive? And more importantly how do you build a relationship centered around God? This is a list of best marriage devotionals for Christian couples.

Colossians 3:14: “And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

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A Little God Time for Couples: 365 Daily Devotions

Written by BroadStreet Publishing Group, this very affordable year of devotions helps couples disconnect from all the distractions of life and find moments for connection as a couple. “One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is to spend time together with God with the help from this daily devotional book.” With 365 daily devotions designed to help you and your spouse apply God’s Word to real relationship situations. A Little God Time for Couples will help open communication, build intimacy, and strengthen your commitment to God and one another.

Available on Amazon.

A Little God Time For Couples

Christian Marriage Devotionals Written By Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas is a go to author for Christian marriage devotional having written 19 books every season of your marriage. Whether you are have just decided to get married, have been married for years, or maybe you need need help because you are struggling, there is a book for you. Here is a few of my favorites written by Gary Thomas.

Preparing Your Heart for Marriage: Devotions for Engaged Couples

I would highly recommend this book for any engaged couple. Though planning a wedding and a new life together can be both exciting and exhausting, you need a firm foundation in God’s Love. “This devotional is designed to encourage and guide engaged couples through the spiritual priorities and challenges that lie ahead in order to grow a joy-filled marriage filled with love, grace, and God’s blessing.” I think the most important thing is that this book addresses common marital issues before they even occur. “This lovely book also provides encouraging entries that will help you deal with common issues such as: Building physical and emotional intimacy, Repairing trust, Celebrating differences, Being a team player, and Managing finances.

Available on Amazon.

Preparing your heart for marriage

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage: A Year of Weekly Devotions for Couples 

Devotions for a Sacred Marriage written by Gary Thomas explores how God can reveal Himself to you through your marriage and help you grow closer to Him as well as to your spouse. ” With 52 weekly Christian devotions, you will be provided with practical as well as biblical wisdom designed to nuture your marriage. You will discover how to create closure on ongoing marital issues, how to handle disagreements, improve communication, and identify both strengths and weaknesses within the marriage.

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devotions of a sacred marriage

A Lifelong Love: How to Have Lasting Intimacy, Friendship, and Purpose in Your Marriage

“Whether your marriage needs a complete makeover, a touch up, or just a new purpose, A Lifelong Love promises to set your relationship on an entirely new dimension. You will never look at worship or your spouse in the same way again. You will understand how living for that day will so radically transform the decisions you make this day. Learn to navigate the power shifts and seasonal mine fields that blow up so many marriages.”

Available on Amazon.

The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional 

Have you heard of Gary Chapman? Chapman writes that every human being has a love language that dictates what he or she wants and needs from our relationships. Many times marriages fail because we do not recognize we are speaking our own love language while our spouse speaks another. I highly recommend this year long, daily marriage devotional and this is why it makes my list of the best marriage devotionals for Christian couples. What is the love languages in your life?

Available on Amazon.

The one year love language devotional

Ephesians 4:2-3: “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

The Meaning of Marriage: A Couple’s Devotional: A Year of Daily Devotions

You should be reading a book written by someone who is married and has been married for quite some time, right? This 365-day devotional was written by Timothy Keller and his wife of forty-three years, Kathy Keller. They have endured all the complications of marriage and can provide sound advice by sharing stories, daily scriptures, and prayer prompts that will inspire anyone who wants to know God and love more deeply in this life.

Available on Amazon.

The Meaning of Marriage

Love is Patient, Love is Kind: A Christian Marriage Devotional: Rebuild, Reconnect, and Grow in Christ

April and Aaron Jacob’s year of weekly advice invites you and your spouse to take time each week to deepen your connection to each other and Christ. With compassionate guidance to deepen your spiritual growth, this book helps to find resolution to tough issues, build a strong marriage, with Christ at the center.

Available on Amazon.

Love is patient, Love is kind Marriage devotional

“Love never gives up; and its faith, hope and patience never fail.”―Corinthians 13:7.

Night Light: A Devotional for Couples

Whether married for a minutes or years, your marriage needs regular, quiet moments with your spouse used to renew love and intimacy with each other and with the Lord. One of the best marriage devotionals, Night Light, by Dr. James Dobson and his wife, Shirley, is a daily devotional offering personal, practical, and biblical insights that have sustained the Dobsons’ marriage for forty years.

Available on Amazon.

Night Light

Marriage Conflict: Talking as Teammates (31-Day Devotionals for Life)

“The Bible reminds us to use words that build up our spouses, not tear them down. Whether your marriage is a verbal war zone or just needs a little help in the communication arena, both you and your spouse will benefit from the encouragement in these pages. This devotional is not a program to do better; it unveils how God helps you to be better. As you read through it as a team, meditating on Scripture, praying, and using the practical questions and action steps, you will learn to communicate with Christ like love, grow in holiness, and glorify God with your words.”

Available on Amazon.

Marriage Conflict

Ephesians 5:25: “For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her.”

Bulletproof Marriage: A 90-Day Devotional

As a law enforcement couple, I truly believe this is one of the best marriage devotionals for first responders. Bulletproof Marriage is a 90-day devotional that applies biblical principles to support and strengthen the marriages of military members, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Each day includes a Bible verse, an inspirational reading, quick tips, action steps for both husband and wife, and a prayer.”

Available on Amazon.

Change My Relationship: 365 Daily Devotions for Christians in Difficult Relationships

Written by Karla Downing who has been there. Raised in a dysfunctional home and married with her own dysfunctional family, she has dealt with all kinds of problems where she used the relationship-changing principles she teaches. Do you wish you could get difficult relationship advice from a therapist right when you need it without paying for a therapy session? That is exactly what you will have in this topically indexed daily devotional.

Available on Amazon.

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The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study

“Marriage is a loving commitment we make to our spouses―and to God. The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study teaches you to strengthen your bond through communication, care, and the study of God’s Word. This inspirational, interactive couples Bible study created by a licensed marriage counselor will help you grow in love, faith, and happiness.”

Available on Amazon.

The Love, Joy, Peace workbook

#Staymarried: A Couples Devotional: 30-Minute Weekly Devotions to Grow In Faith And Joy

““I do” is only the beginning of a successful marriage. Filled with inspiring scripture and thought-provoking questions, #Staymarried: A Couple’s Devotional helps engaged and married couples strengthen their relationship with each other and God―in only 30 minutes a I Do to Ever After”

#staymarried A couple's devotional

Mark 10:9: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

A Couple’s Guide to a Growing Marriage: A Bible Study

Every marriage is a growing marriage. Are you growing closer together or further apart? If you’re content with the latter, don’t change a thing. However, if you desire the kind of marriage that keeps getting better, then you’ll need to be intentional. Though reading and completing the exercises in this book you will: Invite God into the details of your life and marriage; Listen in ways that deepen intimacy and friendship; Understand your spouse and be understood; Keep your love fresh and mutually engaging; and Manage conflict constructively, not destructively.

Available on Amazon.

A couple's guide to a growing marriage

Together With Christ: A Dating Couples Devotional: 52 Devotions and Bible Studies to Nurture Your Relationship

“Lay the foundation for a lifetime of love, faith, and understanding with curated Bible passages for navigating the ups and downs of dating. This couple’s devotional features one devotion for each week of the year to inspire discussion between you and your partner and renew your bond with each other and God.”

Available on Amazon.

Together With Christ

Marriage God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships

God intended marriage to be one of the greatest gifts on this side of Heaven. In Marriage God’s Way, whether you are preparing for your wedding, newlyweds, or marriage veterans, you will receive the Christian marriage help you need.”

Available on Amazon.

Our Love Is Here to Stay: Daily Devotions for Couples

Strong marriage need daily maintence because marriage is full of changing seasons. This book is designed to help you pray and consider God’s Word as a couple. Practical, biblically grounded advice in this book will encourage you to deepen your relationship with God and draw closer to each other.

Available on Amazon.

Our love is here to stay

Corinthians 13:4-5: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

Closer: 52 Devotions to Draw Couples Together 

Closer is a book of 52 week devotions that shows couples how to grow love together. Scripture verses and engaging stories inspire couples to draw closer through faith . Each weekly devotional is flexible and is an appealing alternative to a daily devotional.

Available on Amazon.


The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples

Love is a choice. A daily choice. This book includes 52 weekly dares which invites couples to go deeper into the scriptural principles of The Love Dare. This is meant to enrich your relationship with God and your spouse through a daily time of reading, prayer, and action.

Available on Amazon.

The Love Dare

Forever (Marriage Devotional)

This devotional is specifically for Catholics by taking inspiration from Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Get your marriage off to a great start or renew the marriage you’ve shared for years with this six-week devotional for couples. Experts Jackie François Angel and Bobby Angel will teach you how to pray together as a couple, opening you up to the wonders that God bestows on your marriage.

Available on Amazon



In summary

Your marriage is blessed. This list of the 20 best marriage devotionals for Christian couples cover important topics, practical tips, and promotes spiritual growth. May your spouse become your best friend and may your relationship with God be at the center of your marriage.

Have you read any of these devotionals? If so, what did you think? Drop me a comment. I’d love to get your opinion.

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