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Facts On Visiting The Hot Springs in Costa Rica

The Tabacon Hot Springs at Night

In previous blog posts, I have discussed our trip to Costa Rica. We booked our inclusive package with EcoTerra Costa Rica which included stays in La Fortuna/Arenal area and then later in Jaco Beach. The tour to the hot springs was one of the tours included in the price of our package which we booked through Groupon. If you are anything like me, you probably are intrigued by the idea of a Costa Rican hot spring. Give me the facts on visiting the hot springs in Costa Rica!!

The Tabacon Hot Springs

Being we were staying in the Arenal area of Costa Rica, we were smack dab in the middle of the rainforest. What does it do in the rainforest? Rain. And rain. Well in fact, it rains a lot. We traveled to Costa Rica in January which is considered a good time to travel to Costa Rica. Though considered the dry season, it did, however, still rain.

During the tour to the hot springs, it rained. We did not let that damper our spirits as being in the hot springs felt amazing after being out in the rain. The Groupon we chose included a trip to the Paradise Hot Springs. At the time we redeemed the Groupon with EcoTerra, they offered us an upgrade. For additional money, we could choose to go instead to the Tabacon Hot Springs. This is what we did. We did hear from others who chose to go with the tour to Paradise Hot Springs that this trip was also lovely. I can only speak of my family’s experience at the Tabacon Hot Springs.

The Tour

What is a hot spring? The Tabacon Resort includes a thermal experience where the waters are heated by the magma from the Arenal Volcano. Our tour consisted of transportation to and from the Tabacon Hot Spring, access to the hot springs to include restrooms and the locker room, as well as a buffet dinner.

Though raining, I cannot truly describe the beauty of the grounds. We had access to several swimming areas. There was a large traditional pool as well as a variety of swimming areas which consisted of pools bordered by waterfalls and lush plants. In the large, traditional pool area, there was a swim up bar with stools where you could order alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Swimming area with lush landscape
Swimming area with lush landscape

Swimming Area with Lush landscape
Traditional Swimming area with a swim up bar
Traditional swimming area with a swim up bar

In addition, there was a water slide to entertain children and adults alike. Our son was happy just swimming with us and letting the water from the waterfalls crash on his head. This place was a kids dream come true!

Water Slide for the kids
Water Slide for the kids

How hot was the water? I can equate the temperature of the water to less hot than an American hot tub which is around 102-105 degrees. In comparison, I would estimate it felt hotter than one of the hottest baths you have taken at home. Some of the pools were hotter than others. There was also a cool pool to take a refreshing dunk. The Tabacon website states the waters range between 72 and 105 degrees.

There was a locker room with lockers provided free of charge for you to lock up your clothing and belongings. We had a designated dinner time so we changed back into dry clothes in the locker room and proceeded to the dining room.

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Dinner consisted of a large buffet. There was quite of bit of choices of foods of which I can not complain about any of them. There were breads, meats, cheeses, pastas, and salads. They had a carving station with beefs and hams that would make anyone’s mouth water! What a treat! You could eat until you were ready to pop!

The bus provided by EcoTerra Costa Rica picked us up from the Tabacon Hot Springs. It then picked up other guests at the Paradise Hot Springs and made several stops at other hotels. We were dropped off at our hotel, the Casa Luna Hotel and Spa (if you have not read my review of this hotel, you can do so here) to retire for the evening.

In summary:

I highly recommend visiting the Tabacon Hot Springs if you visit the Arenal area of Costa Rica! Though we only got to visit for several hours, the experience was memorable not only for myself, my husband, but definitely for our son. This is a must do! Who can say they have swam in waters warmed by the Arenal Volcano?

Would swimming in hot springs be a must do on your Costa Rican vacation? Drop us a comment below.

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  1. Chris

    What was the temperature in the arenal area of Costa Rica in January?

    1. admin

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your question. In the Arenal/La Fortuna area of Costa Rica it was in the high 70’s and 80’s during our trip in January. It was warm enough to wear short sleeves and be in the pool at our hotel. It was a very muggy, wet temperature.


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